TDR Films

Saptapadi (The 7 Steps)
On her wedding day, Anika thinks about the good and bad times she’s been through with the love of her life, and he does seem to possess the qualities of a good husband. So why does it seem like she’s not ready?


L.A. Liquor
A year after the Los Angeles riots of 1992, Miles, a young African American male, has an eventful night in a liquor store owned by a racist Korean couple. No Change.


ROOM 205
Racing against time, Phil must find a way to flag down help to save his comatose sister after he encounters a horde of flesh-eating zombies.


With the heat Index rising to record levels, along with significant rise in pollution, India is facing unfathomable environmental crisis. This documentary takes a micro-level look at the some of the devastating impacts of heat wave in rural India that has caused numerous deaths of not only the children and the elderly but also the healthy and working population.


A documentary about Oscar, a celebrity personal trainer in Los Angeles, who grew up in extreme poverty and struggled with obesity in Mexico. He took up the junk food challenge himself by eating junk food for a month to prove to his clients and his severely autistic son that losing weight is primarily a mental battle and that a strong mind can conquer any challenge in life.


Five years after running away from her arranged marriage to live a fulfilled life, Sameera finds herself living next to her now-appealing ex-fiancée. But she is still trying to find passion and clean up her messy life with the help of her friends, who are all still trying to figure it out.


Cooking with AC
“Ambar” Alert everyone as we take a wild ride with this part-time cook and fulltime entertainer Mr. Ambar Capoor.


The Night Wardens
A podcast about two wardens working a night shift in a mental ward and having to deal with the strange events taking place at night in the ward.