A comprehensive documentary about the global heatwave crisis. The documentary includes interviews from scientists all over the world, including a Nobel Prize recipient. We are at the infliction point and if things don’t change, we are looking at temperatures higher than ever witnessed by anybody in the history of life on earth.

On her wedding day, Anika thinks about the good and bad times she’s been through with the love of her life, and he does seem to possess the qualities of a good husband… So why does it seem like she’s not ready?

Cyanide Mohan- Coming Soon

A true immigrant story, Fighter is a documentary about, Oscar Luna (Biggest Loser – Mexico), a celebrity physical trainer who must juggle his life between making money, being a single parent of a severely autistic son, dealing with his alcoholic mother while trying to mend relations with his estranged father.

Educated By War is a documentary about Jerry, a Vietnam War veteran struggling with PTSD even after years of therapy. His life changes when he befriends a service pet – Samson