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Finding a sustainable portable education toolkit for children who travel for 300 days in a year

We work with a community of jhoolewalas in India who travel for 300 days in a year with their children. These jhoolewalas set up rides in local fairs in and around Udaipur (Rajasthan) to earn a living. The family members who set up these rides have extreme engineering skills to be able to do this kind of work. As a result of their travel, the children in this community have zero access to education. We are working with a think tank in India to design a portable education toolkit which will enable these children to read and write in hindi and english on their own.

Every little girl child and her dreams matter

There are 30 girls in this community of jhoolewalas who have zero access to education due to their travel. We spent a week with them to ask them questions about their lives, hopes and dreams. The young girls in this picture told us that they want to read and write so that they can become a “bada aadmi” (translates to a big personality) someday. We are mesmerized by the twinkle in their eyes and are unstoppable in our determination to make this happen.