About Us

TDR Media was founded with the mission to combine business acumen & creative expertise to create content that moves you.

Our diverse set of highly-skilled and passionate members provide expertise in narratives, documentaries, commercials, and corporate training videos. Part of our social initiative is to also craft content with impactful social messages. Believing in the motto of “quality over quantity,” we ensure the highest quality for our clients and business partners.


Our mission is to create high quality content and provide binge-worthy entertainment.


Our vision is to grow our business for and with our business partners, clients, and employees.
The Team

United States Operations

Dr. Meghna Singhvi

Head of Marketing

Meghna Singhvi is both a published author and an educator who has spearheaded creative projects such as spotlighting the plight of nomadic communities who have zero access to education. She has the ability to assess dynamic market needs and provides strategic direction to achieve the company’s mission of quality content creation in the new media space. Apart from being a CPA, Meghna also holds an MBA, a MS in Accountancy and a PhD in Accountancy. 

Dr. Vishal Munsif

Head of Productions

Vishal Munsif is an award-winning author with his early accounting research being utilized by the United States Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the creation of a new law. With an MFA in Film and TV Production, he has worked on various narratives, documentaries, and commercials, giving him the ability to form major business alliances within the entertainment industry. Vishal holds multiple degrees in business, including a doctorate (PhD) in Accountancy.

Zac Chia

Creative Director

Zac Chia is a multiple award-winning writer and director who possesses a deep passion for crafting stories that move audiences by using complete visual and aural experiences. Also a professional camera and gimbal operator, he uses the skill to invent and innovate unique ways to tell impactful stories.

Jensen Vinca


Jensen Vinca is an award-winning director and colorist experienced in all aspects of film production. On a single project, he can be found designing pitch decks and drawing out storyboards in pre-production; executing lighting diagrams and directing actors during production; and creative editing, sound designing, and coloring during post-production. Although a Jack of all trades, Jensen now focuses his time mastering the art of storytelling as a director as well as freelance coloring on the side.

Gavin Toy

Head Writer

Gavin is a writer and actor born and raised in the LA area.  He has always found himself saying the things he wants to say through the scripts he writes and the characters he plays.  Growing up as a child actor, he found his passion for working in the industry early on. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2011, Gavin has had the opportunity to work on a variety of professional projects ranging from commercial work for companies like AT&T, Walmart, and Lysol, to starring in TV shows like The McCarthy’s and CSI: Las Vegas.  A recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, with dual BAs in Screenwriting and Asian/Pacific Studies, Gavin now works to intertwine his own cultural background and individual perspective with the stories he tells.

Yaelle Amar

Writer / Director

Yaelle Amar is a writer/director from France. She grew up in Versailles and attended the prestigious university Sciences Po Paris. She then pursued a MFA in Film and TV Production at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Alongside her university curriculum, she got involved in innovative projects aiming to raise awareness to causes that were important to her. In 2011 she won the prize for Best Script at French national contest “Laugh against Racism”, for a short story making fun of racist prejudices. In 2014, she took part to a collective project at Sciences Po Paris with the goal of writing and directing a short fiction film on handicap awareness. She co-produced the documentary A Band Apart led by a team of international artists in Tel-Aviv; filming classical music performances in unusual and informal settings and creating dialogue between classical musicians and their audience.

Yaelle is passionate about writing and directing psychological horror movies and thrillers carrying a strong message. Her short film ‘Juliet’, about a young woman trying to escape her religious family, went to several festivals including Santa Cruz Film Festival. Her most recent short ‘Life on a Tropical Island’, is a psychological horror tackling the theme of beauty standards for women in the entertainment industry.

Griffin Voth


Griffin Voth is an LA based cinematographer from Seattle, WA. A versatile cinematographer, Griffin has shot over twenty short films, spanning genres of drama, horror, comedy, sci-fi and fantasy. He has also music videos for notable artists such as Christian Leave and Alix, as well as commercial content for companies such as Marisfrolg Fashion Group, which has brought him to shoot overseas in China and Hong Kong. Griffin has a passion for serving the directors vision and adapting his style to create fitting aesthetics for each project he works on.

While the end product is always what the project needs, Griffin favors a moodier, contrast and atmospheric style, and is particularly drawn to character-driven dramas that deal with personal relations and the obstacles within those relationships. While he is well versed in the digital medium, having experience with Arri, RED, Sony, and Canon digital cameras, Griffin is especially drawn to the film medium.

Griffin has shot on both s16mm and s35mm formats, and he favors the truthfulness of film’s organic texture, color, and latitude to express his aesthetic. With every project, Griffin works to find the most truthful and direct way of telling the story through his camerawork and lighting.

Gaurav Pathak

Director / Cinematographer

Gaurav Pathak is a writer, director born in Mumbai, India. As a kid, Gaurav loved reading stories. His favorite were ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ comics, a series that retell magical stories from Indian mythology and folklore. He began his career as an Engineer, completing his bachelors in Dubai, but soon decided to study filmmaking. Over the years, Gaurav has directed and produced several short films and documentaries. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University, majoring in Film and TV Production.

Ambar Capoor


Ambar enjoys creating visual imagery that is a character in itself, an unseen actor that silently guides the viewer, creating an emotional and lasting response. Ambar’s approach towards each project is afresh, with no preconceived ideas allowing the project to dictate what kind of lenses, camera and
formats, analog or digital equipment to use.

Pheng Vang

Assistant Director / Production Sound

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Pheng received his BA in Mass Communication and Journalism from Fresno State University. Pheng then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his MFA in Film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University.

Pheng’s has significant experience in production sound recording and mixing. Pheng is fond of classic cinema. He recently volunteered at the 2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) and hopes to continue contribute towards the Asian Pacifc community.

Yixia Li


Originally hailing from China, Yixia Li found his passion for editing after graduating from college. Asa multi award winning editor, his works attract a colorful list of productions including narratives, commercials, music videos, brand content, TV spots and educational videos.

His education and career led him on a journey from China to Japan, and finally to the United States where he resides now. His travels across the globe and opportunities to work with many filmmakers worldwide, have given Yixia a unique perspective as an editor and as a filmmaker.

Sam Mazahery

Editor / Composer / Sound Design

Sam an editor, film-maker and musician. He has directed and edited several award-winning short films and has ten years of experience in different aspects of post-production including composing and sound design.

Sam is passionate about telling impactful stories that make the audience relive a difficult situation and decisions, always trying to find unique stylistic approaches that help the narrative drive of the story. He has also won nominations and awards for composing original scores for theatrical plays, TV series and short films both in Iran and in Los Angeles.

Jason Harpole

Photographer/ Graphic Designer

Jason Harpole is a photographer, filmmaker, and graphic design artist who recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University. His body of work includes countless projects, both personal and professional, from the last 7 years. Though his current focus is on dramatic portraiture, his practice in graphic design began when he was just 14, and his love for filmmaking developed shortly after. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.